Human rights

  • Fundamental rights guaranteed under European Union law
  • Rights protected by the European Convention of Human Rights
  • Rights guaranteed under international law
  • Especially: right to a fair trial; asylum; equality and non-discrimination; privacy; rights of the child ; rights of victims of gender-based violence

Criminal litigation and white collar crimes

  • Offences, misdemeanours and crimes
  • Traffic offences
  • We represent and defend individuals and legal entities who may have taken part in an offence at every stage of criminal proceedings (initial questioning – investigation – criminal trial)
  • We represent and defend the victim of an offence at every stage of criminal proceedings (legal complaint – investigation – criminal trial)
  • Prison sentence adjustment

Civil litigation

  • Family law
  • Civil liability
  • Employment law
  • Rental leases
  • Debt collection

Bankruptcy and liquidation

  • Company trustee
  • Assistance to companies in filing statements of claim
  • Discharge of bankruptcy

Data protection and immigration

  • Immigration (international protection and residence permits)
  • Data protection and access to information